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30. This results in a variety of changes to your frame and behavior. This phase is a person's lifestyles is

now being termed as "male menopause" or andropause. Some of the signs related to male menopause include the following: •        low libido •         erectile disorder •           loss of lean muscle •      weight advantage and belly bulge •   Label X       loss of intellectual consciousness •   sleep apnea •    temper swings and irritable behavior, • depression •      immoderate sweating and so forth. But, it is viable to reinforce testosterone in your body with the assist of a few easy adjustments on your lifestyle and weight loss plan. Right right here are a few easy methods to increase your testosterone levels without choosing a few aspect as drastic as testosterone injections: 1. Substances that may assist increase testosterone certain foods both stimulate testosterone production on your frame or they prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Such substances must shape an vital a part of your weight-reduction plan. A.