relaxing ambience

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help create that relaxing ambience to your bedroom.

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With summer coming up and I was able to purchase linen bedding in our bedroom. This was the ideal moment to start a spring clean and make our
bedroom feel more serene and tranquil. Here are some easy ways to make your bedroom as soothing as a spa. (I haven’t shared the complete bedroom yet
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Nothing is more satisfying than fresh sheets! I've always had a desire for sheets made of linen, but was never able to find them in shops like Target or
elsewhere. They were always stiff. These sheets have been popular for years. I finally got them and am now a fan of the linen craze. They are sooooo
comfortable and soft! You make me want to stay in bed forever! (They have over 80k 5 stars reviews and they're labeled with the dimensions and side of the
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Let's get to the color scheme, while we are talking linens. Nothing is more important to me than a beautiful color palette that brings a relaxed, positive
energy to a space. Although I normally keep my bedding plain and neutral the sheets I have are flexible enough for you to match different shades with your
sheets, duvets or shams. It was so simple to combine cream and white and I am awestruck by the outcome! It's very luxurious and expensive and I love the
way the neutral tones work. There are many beautiful colors available that can be paired together. I believe that a neutral, or even muted, color palette can
help create that relaxing ambience to your bedroom.