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For me, it's about taking a step back and asking, 'What's important to me now what's important

"For me, it's about taking a step back and asking, 'What's important to me now what's important to me now?'" he says. He came to the answer by changing his post-pandemic self-image through clothing. usefulinsurance useful insurance Website useful insurance us thanksinsurance thanks insurance Website thanks insurance us 

The 35-year-old is among the many who are considering fashion as a means to get to the bottom of what transpired over the past 15 months. Untold number of people were affected by the coronavirus epidemic, which ripped apart their careers, lives and relationships. There's no therapy that would enable us to fully comprehend the impact of the pain and pain we've experienced, but at the same time, our clothing gives us a tangible way to express ourselves and mark the enormous feeling of change that we're all experiencing.

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How Flag Fashion Can Be A Protest Form


Sarai Thompson, who was born in Jamaica and has wore the yellow green and black Jamaican flag since childhood. Her Jamaican immigrants parents moved to New York City long before she was born. The pride of her family was evident in her clothes selections.

The now-27 year-old says, "Fashion is my way to express my personality. So I like to make that part of my identity." Thompson is still a fan of T-shirts and jersey crochet tops that feature Jamaican flags. She pairs them with high-waisted jeans and platform shoes and the occasional pair of sandals with platforms.