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this cute choker with beads. Beaded jewelry is my favorite - another great item to own!



Head scarves are my favorite accessory this summer. These pieces can be worn in a variety of various ways. They can be worn as an overcoat (worn with
this turquoise scarf) or as a head wrap, or wrapped in the bag. (I'll be sharing my trick in the near future), as belts, around your hat or even used as bags. I
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Everyone has been looking for more one-piece alternatives and this is a WIN WIN WIN. The adorable one-piece I purchased cost just under $25. It is
available in a leopard and navy print. The cinched waist makes it look great for you, and you can easily alter the fit to suit your preferences. You can use
unisex one-pieces for body suits, making it an ideal choice for summer vacations. I styled the black piece with a pink scarf head wrap and sunnies, as well as
this cute choker with beads. Beaded jewelry is my favorite - another great item to own!

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You all have been asking for more one piece options and this one is a win-win-win. This cute one piece I purchased is less than $25 and is available with a
navy blue and a leopard print as well. It's super flattering with its cinched waist and can be adjusted to your liking. It can double up as a body suit, so you
will get more wear out of simple one-pieces that are perfect for trips to the beach. This black piece was worn with a pink scarf sunglasses and this gorgeous
beaded necklace. Beaded jewelry is a great addition to your jewelry collection.


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