Social media strategy

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Digital marketing Social media strategy, image editing, etc.

Employers appreciate the fact that each candidate was screened thoroughly and vetted.


We also believe the platform can be used by employers to locate short-term talent for their art projects. techallabout tech all about Website tech all about com yesallabout yes all about Website yes all about com draft-vip draft vip 

For instance, managers could be looking for additional help in the management of an art show booth. Galeries may also need extra support, because of the massive shift to digital.


Digital marketing Social media strategy, image editing, etc.


Art Mavens does not have an annual fee at the moment. It is completely available to employers for free. After the job is accepted, there is a 2% admin fee. For freelancers, there is an option to pay


They earn 10% of the commission for every role they play.


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The commission is lower than other platforms for freelance digital work. The platform also ensures that freelancers get paid immediately upon completion of their job.