10 Must-Have Experiences On Your Europe Honeymoon

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Europe is one of the gorgeous counties in the world and is the perfect destination to go for your honeymoon with your better half.

Europe is one of the gorgeous counties in the world and is the perfect destination to go for your honeymoon with your better half. No matter what part of the country you begin your romantic getaway with, you will be amazed and excited at every second of your trip. Walking down the streets of Paris holding your partner’s hands, watching the sunset at Santorini, dining together at the top floor of the most romantic Eiffel Tower, and more of such attractions await the newlywed couple to explore and soak in all they have to offer. If you are surprising your spouse with the best trip of their lives, make sure you make advance reservations with Telefono De Volaris

Dinner Atop the Eiffel in Paris

There is no place better than the Eiffel Tower in Paris to begin your romantic escape as a married couple for the first time. From clicking the best pictures to dining on the top floor of the iconic tower under the stars, it is the best romantic surprise you can give your partner. With the perfect set-up: candles lit, perfect flower placements, and the best food and wine in the town, you can provide an ideal kick-start to your honeymoon. You can enjoy the amazing view of the city with your partner while sipping in perfect wine for your first dinner date.

Ride on a Gondola in Venice

Another beautiful town in Europe is Venice. This gorgeous city is covered by water canals, making it the ideal place to go on a romantic gondola ride around the city. Enjoy that bottle of white wine while you explore the city with your partner on one of these gondolas and some romantic music playing in the background. To make the experience more magical, take the ride in the evening when the sun goes down, city lights are turned on, and the cool breeze hits your face. 

Explore a fairy-tale castle in Germany

If your wife hasn’t felt like a queen already, take her to the fairy tale castle in Germany. Neuschwanstein castle is one of the most romantic settings of Germany and is also known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle has a vibe that will make you feel like a scene out of a Disney movie. Every season of the year adds a different layer of beauty to the castle. So, no matter when you are on your honeymoon, this castle must top your itinerary. 

Take a horse carriage ride in Vienna

After visiting the beautiful fairy tale castle, what can add more magic to your romantic trip is a royal horse ride in Vienna. Taking a tour of the city on a horse ride with your partner by your side will add to your romantic getaway. The amazing architecture around the city is worth your time and every penny you spend on this ride. You can stop on your way and try some of the yummy delights of the local cruise from the food stalls and restaurants on your way. 

Experience the Sunset in Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful place to visit. This scenic wonder in Europe will let you experience the most beautiful sunset of your life from the top. You can hike up the trail or take a ride and reach Oia before the sun starts to set. Explore the churches, windmills, and the breath-taking scenes that the city provides while you try on the amazingly delicious food. It is like a picture right out of a postcard you have been sending out every Christmas to your loved ones. 

Watch the Northern Lights in Norway

Haven’t we all made the plan to see the Northern Lights at least once in our life? Well, make that dream come true with the love of your life by your side. The best time to head to Norway to experience these beautiful dancing lights is during winter. Try to spice up things on your honeymoon by visiting the cozy fisherman’s cabins to get the best view. 

The Love Heart Bridge in Poland

Not known to many people, this quiet place is perfect for taking your spouse to. The three hearts on that gorgeous bridge is a little heaven for people in love, and the site becomes more magical as the moonlights fall upon it. Along with many beautiful places in Poland, this bridge visit is a free-of-cost experience and is super romantic for the newly wedded people. 

Take a romantic walk in Paris

Do I even have to convince you to take a long walk in Paris? This city is a whole package, with freshly baked goods, views like nowhere else, and romance in its air. Everything here is about love, affection, and romance. Some of the most obvious stops during your romantic walk are the iconic Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, and these two places are considered two of the most romantic places in the entire city. 

Paraglide in France

For adventurous couples, there is no better and intimate fun activity to try together than paragliding. In Europe, you get the best paragliding experience in Dune du Pyla in France. The best bird-eye view of the city holding your partner’s hand makes it one of the best memories of your trip. However, this experience is definitely not for the people who are scared of heights and do not want to fly like a bird many feet above the land level. 

Go on a Wine tasting tour in Valencia

Sipping in the best wine with your partner by your side is a simple yet very intimate and romantic experience you must experience. In Valencia, you can head to one of the many wine tasting events organized all around the city and try ṣunique wine and delicious quick bites. 

Final Statement

We can’t think of any place more romantic and beautiful than Europe for your first romantic getaway with the love of your life. This place has everything you can think of when it comes to love and beauty. So, without wasting any minute second doubting your plans, make your reservation from Alaska Airlines Español and make the best memories to smile at in the later years of your life.


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