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Corrlink.com is not like other email services which are commercial. But you should not make a distinction between Corrlinks and other email services. As this could be difficult to begin at times. So prisoners are permitted to send and receive email service without any GIF attachments in th

Corrlinks Login: Corrlinks is a corporation operating in the United States that is privately owned. By providing prisoners the ability to connect with friends and family outside jails, Corrlinks provides its users with special services. The United States Federal Bureau of Prisons uses it to create contact ties between inmates and their families and loved ones. It uses the Trust Fund Restricted Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) to do this and this helps to keep contact between inmates private, secure and free of interruption.

TRULINCS is not free, you are expected to pay for a subscription before you can use its services, and the relevant authorities control all communications or messages. Typically the cost for using this method is $0.05 per minute, but if you want a hard copy of the message, you will pay a fee of $0.15 per file. For prisoners who want to give their family texts, you need to pay $0.30. Inmates serving sentences of crime not associated with computer-related offences are limited to Corrlinks. So you may be barred from accessing Corrlinks services if the offence you are accused of relates to computer crime such as hacking, email scam, cyber assault, internet fraud, and others. Another limitation is that inmates can only send and receive emails with no attachments containing only 13,000 characters.www.corrlinks.com login