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Are you tired of copying LinkedIn data into a spreadsheet? Get the help from Scraping Expert which provide Linkedin Data Extractor tool to reduce your workload. Linkedin data extractor is the right choice to save your valuable time and money.

Scraping Expert is a ready-to-use web data scraper tool for extracting data from the web about prospects, prices, competition, and vendors for a specific business. Scraping Expert - Twitter Scraper extracts vital Twitter data such as #tweets, Followers, etc. Facebook Scraper extracts the following information from Facebook: Address, Birth Date, First Name, Gender, Interested, Language, Last Name, Marital Status, Address, and so on. Google Maps scraper extracts the following information from Google Maps: business name, category, email, full address, latitude, longitude, etc. For any query, contact us on + 1-201-203-4381 [ USA ] or + 91-79-40200900 [ India ] or visit us at: