Been There Financial Planning: Just advice, no product sales.

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Unbiased financial advice delivered from someone that has been there, without any product sales.
Explore about Fee only financial planner - Book your free appointment here, without any obligation, and feel free to ask a qualified financial planner any question about personal finance.

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Let’s grow your financial future.
Plant the seed by starting to work with us.
Together we can build a plan to get you to where you want to be.
This could reduce your stress level, keep you motivated, and provide you with the confidence and piece of mind that comes with achieving your goals.


We can help you answer questions like these:
Will I run out of money during my retirement?
How much should I be saving or spending?
Do I have enough money to retire or achieve financial independence?
We are having our first child, how do we financially prepare for this major life event?

Been There Financial Planning is an advice only, financial planning business operated by William Rychliwsky. William has “been there and done that”, from a personal finance perspective. He paid off his mortgage in less than 19 years Financial Planning, survived a lay off notice and several market downturns, paid for his children’s education by using an RESP, maxed out his RRSP, and bought back pensionable service. He is on target to achieve financial independence, and will semi-retire at age 54. He has served the public while working for over 31 years in government, including working in economic development, finance, and planning. In addition, he is a Financial Advisor.
William holds the Qualified Associate Financial Planner designation. He also is a Certified Health Insurance Specialist, and has three university degrees including a degree in economics, and a Master’s degree from Queen’s University. He has provided advice to clients about withdrawing savings in retirement, pension buy-backs, inheritance, and managing financial risks.
Values and Mission
Our mission is to help clients make personal finance decisions that results in them feeling safer and more confident in their financial future. Been There Financial Planning believes in putting the client first, and providing trustworthy, and reliable advice to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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