Types of Smart Locks: Which Is Best for You?

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Types of Smart Locks: Which Is Best for You?

Types of Smart Locks: Which Is Best for You?

Home automation technology is rapidly growing in popularity amongst homeowners. One of the most notable types of home automation is a new take on the home security system: the smart lock. The best smart locks take advantage of new technology to provide seamless convenience to your life.To get more news about wifi smart lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Smart locks are electronic locks that do not require a physical key and can be unlocked or locked when you are within range (and remotely in some cases) using an iOS or Android app on your smartphone.

Because of how convenient it is to control your door without keeping track of a physical key, keyless entry is the wave of the future.Smart locks come in different shapes and sizes for various use cases. Most smart locks work by utilizing wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable keyless entry, each providing unique benefits. In addition to door locks, smart garage door locks add additional connectivity to your smart home.

Bluetooth Smart Locks
Bluetooth smart locks can be controlled even without an internet connection. Because Bluetooth is a short-range wireless protocol (usually between 20 to 30 feet), it is only usable when your phone is close to the lock, which provides additional security. Bluetooth hubs and other smart device gateways don’t have quite the range of Wi-Fi smart locks, though there are ways to extend the range.

By itself, a Bluetooth smart lock does not support remote control while you are away from home. However, some Bluetooth smart locks, like Level locks, can be controlled remotely when combined with a smart home hub. Potential hub options may include devices that work with Apple HomeKit or select Ring devices (via Amazon Sidewalk).

A Bluetooth smart lock also uses much less power than a lock powered by a Wi-Fi connection, which can extend the battery life of your lock. For example, Level locks use a CR2 battery that lasts around one year with average use before it needs to be replaced.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks
With Wi-Fi smart locks, you can connect your lock to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling you to control your lock from anywhere. A Wi-Fi smart lock provides local control, cloud control, or both without additional hubs or integrations.

However, because Wi-Fi consumes more power, these smart locks require many batteries and frequent battery changes. They’re also bulkier in size due to the fact that they need to hold multiple batteries.

Since Wi-Fi locks allow for a long-range connection (sometimes up to 300 feet), it doesn’t need to be close to a router or access point to connect.
Smart Garage Door Locks
Smart garage door locks allow you to operate and monitor your garage door from your phone - which can be very useful if you tend to forget to close your garage door. Some smart garage door locks also enable secure package delivery with Amazon Key or grocery delivery with Walmart InHome. Walmart InHome allows Walmart associates to place groceries directly in your garage, or go through your front door using a Level Lock to place them directly into your refrigerator. These trusted home delivery options are just another layer of automation that can make life that much easier.