Why Doesn't Gmail Work On My iPhone?

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If your Gmail does not work with your iPhone then no need to worry. Here is full guide to recover your Gmail issues.

You are entering the correct password and username, but are not able to log in to the Gmail account. Or, you are sure that the entered credentials are right, even then you are facing a “Gmail won't load on iPhone” issue. 

One of the biggest reasons for it is “security”. Companies do not want to get sued, and consumers do not want their details shared. Meanwhile, the consumer suffers a lot as they face difficulty while logging in to the Gmail account and says “Gmail stopped working on iPhone”. 

Thankfully, there exist some solutions to tackle it. Let’s proceed with them. 

Solutions to Gmail is not working on iPhone

If you are facing “Gmail issues on iPhone today” while logging in, try following the below solutions to resolve the issue.


Solution 1: Check Alert Email On Gmail

Open up your Gmail account and look for any email related to a login attempt. The subject line of that email may resemble the phrase, “someone has your password”. Once you get that alert email, open it up and click on the “Review your devices now” and give permission to your device on which you tried to login a moment ago.

Solution 2: Enable IMAP Settings

Enabling IMAP settings can be fruitful for the “Gmail not working on iPhone” issue. To do this, follow the below path.

Login to Gmail See all settings Forwarding and POP/IMAP IMAP Access Enable IMAP

IMAP is responsible if you want to access Gmail on any email client or iPhone. 

Solution 3: Re-Set Up Gmail Account

If you tried the above-mentioned solutions, but unfortunately these did not work for you. In this case, you may set up the Gmail account again on the iPhone. Setting up Gmail on iPhone won’t delete your emails from the server and once the process is complete, you will get all the emails on the screen as it is.